Welcome to Herbal Health – our passion is both people and their pets and how we can best use nature’s resources to help them in a non-pharmaceutical way. Our ‘people’ balms are a fusion of the best CBD whole plant extracts, enriched with natural terpenes, essential oils and organic coconut pulled together with a vegan friendly wax to create a range of premium healing topical balms which are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and pain relieving. Used regularly they will not only keep you symptom free but will also promote and maintain a wonderful quality of life. Our range for pets mirror perfectly those for people but minus the CBD as per current UK legislation.



Ninja for people

Soothe for pets

Relax for pets

Buzz Off for pets

Relax for people

Soothe for people

Recover for people

Buzz Off for people

Meet some of our pets


Hugo is a gorgeous young staffie. Typical of many short haired white dogs he tends to get itchy and sore patches appearing sporadically. By rubbing in Soothe his Mum has noted that not only is his skin recovery quicker but the bald patches have regrown rapidly too.


Romeo’s Mum uses ‘Soothe’ and ‘Relax’ to keep her boy in tip top condition. She’s also massaging Buzz Off in to deter horse flies and other nasties and reports all her horses are visibly calmer after it’s been applied.


Jaime is an elderly horizontally challenged standard poodle. He has developed arthritis in his hips which has caused him mobility issues as well as pain. He’s been using ‘Soothe’ and his mobility is much better and he's visibly more comfortable. His family have noticed too that since using Soothe he’s not as ‘itchy’ after lying out on the lawn and massaging the balm into his feet after walks stops him from excessively licking them.


Stephen - Fife

Stephen - Fife

I had a scratch from work that has got infected. It was very swollen and red yesterday. I rubbed your balm into it over the afternoon and evening. This morning almost all of the pain was gone and the swelling has disappeared. Soothe is awesome!!

Sarah - Nottingham

Sarah - Nottingham

Buzz Off has kept our entire family bite free on our camping trips. We are off to France to in August and it’ll be the first thing I pack.

Trish - Edinburgh

Trish - Edinburgh

My rescue pup was extremely nervous, so much so she had taken to chewing at the pads of her feet until they bled. Within a week of using Soothe, the pad is almost completely healed. It's good to know that there's a product out there that not only helped to heal her but was completely pet friendly.